Cheryl Burke Says Matthew Was Her First Partner Who Wasn’t “Abusive”

December 12, 2020 by No Comments

Cheryl Burke is looking back on the tough path that brought her to finding true love with husband Matthew Lawrence

The 36-year-old Dancing With the Stars pro shared a powerful video to YouTube on Friday, Dec. 11 entitled “My Experience with Abusive Relationships.” In the video, Cheryl provided fans with an introspective and raw look back on the string of abusive relationships that she endured in her younger years.

“Even after I graduated high school and into my professional dancing career, I was still into those types of bad-boy relationships, and I continued on the pattern of dating abusive men,” she explained in the footage. “I also was abusing myself by drinking too much and just really had no respect for myself, which I’ll be talking more about as well in future videos.”

It wasn’t until she started dating eventual husband Matthew in 2007 that she allowed a healthy partner into her life, even if she wasn’t yet ready to fully embrace their connection.

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