Arn Anderson names five future Hall of Famers in WWE right now

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Arn Anderson believes AJ Styles is one of at least five future WWE Hall of Famers on the current WWE roster.

An induction into the WWE Hall of Fame is seen as one of the highest honors that a WWE Superstar can receive. Arn Anderson received his induction as part of The Four Horsemen faction in 2012.

Speaking on his ARN podcast, Arn Anderson also named Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio, Roman Reigns, and Seth Rollins as probable Hall of Famers.

“How is AJ Styles not at the top of the list? Seth Rollins I think’s gotta be on the list,” Arn Anderson said. “I think Randy Orton, obviously, is on the list. No-brainer, right? How about Rey Mysterio? Got to be. I’m sure I’m gonna leave out a ton of guys that I definitely don’t mean to. For sure those guys, off the top of my head. I’m sorry if I’ve left anybody out.”

ARN host Conrad Thompson also mentioned Roman Reigns as a possible Hall of Famer one day. Arn Anderson agreed with Thompson and praised the Universal Champion’s progress as a heel over the last few months.

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Arn Anderson’s WWE Hall of Fame induction

Arn Anderson
Arn Anderson’s Hall of Fame induction took place on WrestleMania XXVIII weekend

In 2012, Dusty Rhodes inducted Arn Anderson into the WWE Hall of Fame alongside Barry Windham, J.J. Dillon, Ric Flair, and Tully Blanchard.

Blanchard recently revealed that Vince McMahon told some of the 2012 inductees to absorb the moment because many of them will never be asked back.

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